1.25 SR3 Release Notes (May 6, 2021)

Decision Lens Accelerate

Bugs Fixed

  • Schedule > Value tab shows total for average when grades are off
  • Schedule Value metric totals include next month after time frame
  • Summary View Budget Availability Negative/Positive
  • Planned/Obligated appear on Custom Names page when Spend Plan disabled
  • Custom names for Actual And Obligated Cost fields not applied in Activity Logs
  • Start Date does not depend on allocation when all planned data for a project is deleted in the Spend Plan
  • Wrong link in email when adding Contributors
  • In an empty Portfolio with monthly budgets, Budgets view shows incorrect message
  • Cannot Update Value Score when there are Alternatives that are non-existent in Decision Lens Accelerate linked Portfolio
  • Changing a data field from Category[Balance] -> Numeric[Any] will not retain the numbers that were in the cell

Features Added

  • Spend Plan Usability Updates
  • Updates to broken dependency warning copy and logic
  • Add the Dependencies column to the Schedule & Budgets pages in order to see which projects have dependencies and if any have been broken.
  • Separate out risk and balance insights from grades API
  • Update the totals in the Budgets and Spend Plan views to be a single number rather than an X of Y.
  • Cost Import Enhancements - Added usability improvements and the ability to import Allocation, Planned Spend and Obligation data for customers utilizing Spend Plan feature.
  • Has Dependent Dependency – Ability to create a “Has Dependent” dependency for a project to represent when it has a dependent for funding purposes.
  • Show Other Numeric Metrics and Categories on Summary – Metrics that have not been mapped to Value, Cost or Risk will now display on the Summary Tab in My Plans in order to see the summed or averaged metric total. Categories that have not been mapped to Balance will also now display on the Summary tab as a visualization to see the breakdown of projects that have been assigned to the various category options for each category.
  • Jira Integration