1.25 Release Notes (April 6, 2021)

Decision Lens Accelerate

Bugs Fixed

  • Custom Statuses not showing the custom names when sending data to DLC from Edit AHP Type Field
  • Projects table: Sorting by Start and End does not work
  • Decision Lens Accelerate: Shut down instances are still accessible from auth-service
  • Decision Lens Accelerate: Idea Engine URL inaccessible if first user has no DLI entitlement
  • Sending Data to DLC when a field was changed from "Category" to "Text"
  • Adding a new project and setting the a tag together with start/end for the project breaks the modal
  • Strategy Navigator recommendations not providing any recommendations to improve cost grade
  • Bottleneck Analysis Leaving Too Much Money
  • Contributor Form Status Custom Name not Updating
  • Configure callback token url for authvalidator-service
  • Open project from dependency in the same tab
  • Schedule Value tab shows zero Value totals for time frames that don't include any budget

Features Added

  • Spend Plan: Instantly see if expenditures are ahead or behind schedule by tracking the planned and obligated spend amounts on projects in an execution year.
  • Project Dependencies: New project dependency options help you identify when a projects funding is dependent on another project.
  • Show or Hide Plan Grades: You can now choose to show, or hide, your plans grades in your summary or schedule views.
  • Allow custom usernames for some customers