1.24 SR5 Release Notes (February 25, 2021)

Decision Lens Accelerate

Bugs Fixed

  • High Number of Cost Fields and Projects - Strat Nav not Populating
  • Fix: Setting an end date before the start date will leave the field empty for "in" projects (until I refresh)
  • DLX: Totals row for allocated columns does not consider projects if custom names are used for project statuses
  • Portfolio-service has unit test failing after updating podder to latest version 1.9.1
  • Reading categories from pod files bug
  • No Grades showing for Gradable Portfolios
  • Mapping numeric to category and reimporting the same excel will delete the project category values.
  • No Bottleneck Recommendations even though the bottleneck analysis button has the red dot notification
  • Performance: Initial load of Projects view 50% slower as of 1/12/21
  • DLX instances without a DLC linked instance are unable to add participants

Features Added

  • Value Based Schedule Page – See the impacts to key performance metrics as changes are made to your plan in the Schedule Page.
  • WIWO on Summary - View the projects that have been funded or not funded in each plans Summary Tab.
  • Spend Plan View Setting
  • Budget Demand-side Table Updates
  • Update Start and End Date Component - Updated component used to set a projects start date and end date.
  • Bottleneck recommendations should move project as early as possible