1.24 SR3 Release Notes (February 2, 2021)

Decision Lens Accelerate

Bugs Fixed

  • DLX: Last Sent value is not invalidating the database cache upon a new Send
  • Projects table: Draft project in portfolio with no Cost field allows Total Request entry
  • DLX: Tag filtering is not working in Schedule view
  • DLC Not Recognizing Special Characters from DLX when Synced • No "Blank" Option for Tag Filter
  • Budgets table width does not sync with Project table width in Budgets View
  • Exporting from budgets view displays default statuses not custom ones
  • Timeframe Overruns - Bottleneck Red Dot
  • Imported category fields should be mapped to Other
  • Custom name variable displayed in import view
  • DLI - users in multiple instances ignore Account Inactivity settings
  • Budget/Schedule Export Schedule Tab Does not display Custom Status Names
  • Custom Names do not honor capitalization
  • Editing Participant Permissions Removes Ability to Add New Projects
  • Deleting cost fields where there are allocation overrides causes server error • POD export should filter categories like projects
  • DLX: Pod import failing when processing category options
  • DLX: Custom Names is not showing deltas for dates in WhatsIn
  • DLX: Custom names for statuses in pod are imported but not shown until cache is evicted
  • Font inconsistencies in Budgets View
  • Bug with Categories-Occurring in Multiple Instances

Features Added

  • Yearly-->Monthly Portfolio Setting: Set a clean foundation from the start by specifying if your budget is yearly or monthly.
  • Gantt Bars adhere to Start and End: Visual updates to the Gantt bars make it easy to tell what projects are included in a schedule versus those on the backlog, as well as seeing a projects entire duration and not just when its been allocated funding.
  • Add Project Name to Title Text
  • Synchronize Start Dates and Request Data: We are cleaning up the cost table data by having project scheduling adhere to Planned Request timelines versus assuming a shift in timing scheduling projects for upcoming time periods.
  • Budgets by Cost - Hide Totals Row When Only One Pool Exists
  • Budgets view: Remove Go-to dropdown, miscellaneous style changes