1.24 Release (December 22, 2020)

Decision Lens Accelerate

Bugs Fixed

  • What-if plans get graded differently based on "off" projects being in different statuses
  • DLX: A contributor is able to see another user's draft project • Numeric Fields being labeled as "General" when exported into Excel
  • Category custom field cannot be updated while sending data to DLC • Add Password_Changed to user activity event list
  • DLI & DLC: http redirect triggers Chrome security warning - "the info you're about to submit is not secure" • Server error when opening Strategy Navigator for certain portfolios

Features Added

  • Algorithm updates: Grade caching improvements and percentile normalization
  • Custom Terminology Naming enables customers to define what they want “Projects”, “Budgets”, “Request”, “Allocated”, and each project status to be called through the portfolio.
  • Pre-define Category Field Options: Options within a category field can now be prepopulated so that contributors and participants can select from a list of options defined by portfolio Owners.
  • Totals Line: A new totals row displays in the budgets section on the Budgets page to show totals across all budgets by time period
  • Portfolio Settings: A new page where various portfolio settings will be able to be managed by portfolio owners.
  • Print Project: Select to print a project from its details view