1.22 SR9 Release (August 27, 2020)

Decision Lens Accelerate 

Bugs Fixed

  • Inconsistent Differences between Schedule Total and Individual Time Period 
  • Tags field does not change order in Project Details modal when re-ordering Tags column 
  • DLX: Cost Import Error stops the import completely with non-numeric 'N/A' value present 
  • Risk Recommendations suggests removing down to 10% of budget 
  • Can't use a Draft project in What-if plans so that everyone has the same universe 
  • Draft project not disabled for a Viewer on a what-if plan 
  • Permissions errors when multiple portfolios modify Participant access to fields or projects at the same time 
  • What-if plans should always be graded as if they have baseline budgets 

Features Added 

  • Budgets as Plan level Data: Ability to adjust Budgets for each What-If Plan rather than setting one budget for all plans within the Baseline Plan.  
  • DLX Attachments - Added capability to add attachments to a project or Draft idea through the Idea Engine.  
  • Updates to Participant and Contributor Role: Addressed a few usability issues with copy changes and addressed a few issues when adding participants and contributors to projects.