1.22 SR7 Patch Release (August 11, 2020)

Decision Lens Accelerate 

Features Added

  • Add contributors
  • Add Tags to Idea Engine Configuration
  • Contributors in Project Table View
  • Commenting in Idea Form
  • Manage Project permissions for Participants
  • Manage Project Contributors

Bugs Fixed

  • Perfect Balance only gives a B
  • Excess Budget message showing when Portfolio can't actually fund everything
  • Warning tooltip for maximum length on Portfolio Name
  • Issue: API error when dragging empty tag input (Manage Tags)
  • Users added before AHP exercise are not added to DLC participants
  • Searching Filters/Tags using $ doesn't work
  • DLX API IP Allowlist not functional
  • DLC shows Tags column as UUIDs
  • Request Ideas: If a required field is removed while editing, Submit button cannot be enabled until refresh
  • Database patch updates failed for tenant databases
  • Pasting text into Tags cells
  • Duplicate Tags when searching Tags in Filter panel
  • Project Activity log only loads 10 items
  • Drilldown from Bottleneck Analysis results in Empty Table
  • Projects added outside of the Idea Engine should not send Submitted emails when status is changed
  • DLX: Blank rows appear after Dragging and Dropping Tags while Filtering
  • DLX: Fetching value score from the DLC failing when the portfolio is part of a combined portfolio
  • Contributor Form - Incorrect toast message triggered
  • POD import, the statuses changed automatically by recommendations are not imported
  • java.lang.ArithmeticException: / by zero in plans without Backlog status
  • Fields in Idea Engine Form will not stay in desired position when moved (Issue 1/2)
  • Pod file is possibly creating issue with Idea Engine Fields (issue 2/2)
  • User cannot submit if a Field Dragged out of Idea Engine Config was deemed as Required

Refactorings Completed

  • Refactor Portfolio Plan header for easier re-use 
  • Upgrade to highcharts 8.0.4 and highcharts-react-official 3.0.0
  • Upgrade to TypeScript 3.9


Decision Lens Classic 

Bugs Fixed

  • Copy/paste Cost Data from one Column to another in Alts Page doesn't work
  • Alts page category drop-downs won't scroll
  • DLC: Blank Quantitative and Qualitative Rating Scales do not show orange bars or take updates
  • Glitch occurs when editing a criterion title -> description gets erased
  • ARCGIS export form broken
  • Cost field cut line summary functions missing