1.22 SR5 Patch Release (June 24, 2020)

Decision Lens Accelerate 

Features Added

  • Idea Link Regeneration
  • Required Fields for Idea Engine
  • Increase Threshold for Description Field to 2000 characters

Bugs Fixed

  • Filtering after unused Tag
  • Tags Column position in Projects and Schedule
  • Assigning Tag from Upper Tag Suggestion
  • Suggestion panel is not visible into add projects modal
  • In project details and field modal tag component does not close when a tag is selected and ENTER is pressed
  • 4 issues caught by Visual tests in SR4 RC testing
  • Default Tag Column too narrow
  • Submitted Ideas require hard refresh to display
  • Unable to add projects in Add Projects modal when apply new Tag created in Manage Tags modal
  • Add tooltip for add category button in manage tags modal

Refactorings Completed

  • Update Field and Project/FieldValue tagIds data type to an array instead of string 

Vulnerabilities Addressed

  • Sysadmin authorization token portability

Decision Lens Classic

Bugs Fixed

  • DLC doesn't allow > 10 decimal places in Rating Scales
  • Copy/Paste cost data from one column to another in Alts page doesn't work
  • Rating Name edits not saved
  • Rating Scale logic is incorrect after setting qualitative scale
  • Add Rating Scale report to Criteria & Rating Scales page