1.22 SR2 Patch Release (April 16, 2020)

Decision Lens Accelerate 

Features Added 

  • Sensitivity Analysis Redesign for DLC: Migration and redesign of the Sensitivity Analysis page in DLC.  New features for ability to drag and drop to create custom rankings, add cut line with cost data, and other improvements 
  • Algorithm Updates for Handling Grading when all plans generated in the universe are the same: Added additional states to the Summary Page for when grading is not available due to the state of the portfolio 
  • Comment Notifications: Enhancement to Activity page to alert users of comments that were added to Projects in the Portfolio since last login 
  • Add Commenting to Idea Contributor Form: Ability to comment in Idea Engine form  
  • Support DLX login from corp site global login: New DLX users are able to login via the Decisionlens.com corporate site 
  • Project Details View scroll to first time period with Data: Opening Project Details automatically scrolls the user to the first time period. 
  • Adding a user to a What-if Plan sends Portfolio Add email: Improvement to user email messaging when being added to a What-if Plan 
  • Remove Higher is better from Cost field: Removed ability to have a “Lower is Better” Cost Field 

Bugs Fixed 

  • Unable to add Line breaks in project details or idea form fields 
  • SSO Users are unable to use Idea Engine 
  • Incorrect Behavior for when Idea Engine is OFF 
  • Contributor Ideas trigger one "New Idea" email per plan for Owners 
  • Activity does not show New Project event when project is added while in a What-if 
  • Combined Portfolio heat map incorrectly shows overconstraint 
  • API: NullPointer exception is thrown for FY 
  • BA Recommendations are wrong for FY and year portfolio  
  • Editor permissions dialog shows ellipsis (...) instead of examples for Value, Cost, and Risk 
  • Certain debottleneck analysis tolerance numbers get many extra decimal places (ex, "7" becomes " 7.000000000000001") 
  • Other user deleting a cost field clears Budget table and causes Recommendations panel empty state