1.22 SR13 Release (October 1, 2020)

Decision Lens Accelerate 

Bugs Fixed

  •    Flat Risk Recommendations  
  •    DLX: 401 Error when opening Idea Engine Form and logging in without being a User in that DLX instance 
  •     Live update messaging "superbug" - multiple issues 
  •     After manually adding projects, Projects table Total Request cell is temporarily in an invalid state 
  •     Drafts are showing up in what if plans in old portfolios 
  •     Importing a pod file from and old portfolio exported from Sansa throws a serve exception 
  •     Attachment file type allow list is case sensitive 
  •     DLX: Export Project Data fails because Excel limits cell contents to 32767 characters  
  •   Character limit in Decision Lens Classic text fields prevents text fields from Decision Lens Accelerate portfolio from displaying



  •     Add UI error screen to handle errors encountered during rendering  
  •     Send Total Cost to Decision Lens Classic when doing AHP exercise 
  •     Make links clickable within comments, plan descriptions and field descriptions 
  •     Add a CTA to create a DLX portfolio from an existing DLC portfolio. This will by default be off and is configurable by instance.  
  •     Allow for Deletion of Decision Lens Classic and Decision Lens Accelerate portfolio via a  
    Decision Lens Classic deletion. This is configurable by instance.  
  •     Set Custom Priority Set for AHP score linkage 
  •     Added way to navigate back to Decision Lens Classic Homepage from Decision Lens Accelerate. This is configurable by instance.  
  •     DLX SSO Self Enrollment - enables SSO customers to self-enroll within Decision Lens Accelerate for features like Idea Engine so that they do not need to be invited.  
  •     Allow for Ratings Import in Linked Decision Lens Classic Portfolios 
  •     Added ArcGIS import/export GA tracking  

Vulnerabilities Fixed

  •     DLX: Improper Neutralization of CRLF Sequences in HTTP Headers ('HTTP Response Splitting') CWE ID 113