1.22 SR1 Patch Release (March 26, 2020)


Decision Lens Accelerate 

Bugs Fixed

  • Kloudless integration not working
  • DLX: Cannot import Excel file with Column Names "Fiscal Year Start" and "Fiscal Year End"
  • DLX: Bottleneck shows Yellow for 0% Budget Availability when Tolerance is set to 0%
  • Comment Text does not wrap well
  • DLX: Unable to load Strat. Nav. if a Project does not have a matching Request to Allocation Cost
  • DLI: extra "-->" showing up on login screen
  • DLX: portfolio service is not able to reconnect to memcached server after timing out
  • Refresh should not appear after applying all recommendations
  • Recommendation rationale chart omits first segment if starting point is zero
  • Project Details opens unexpectedly

Features Added

  • Recommendation Icon Updates: Strategy Navigator and Bottleneck Analysis are now available on pages other than Schedule.
  • Contributor Form: Once users are sent a link to contribute ideas to the portfolio, they will be able to fill out a form with all information for projects they would like to submit. Once submitted, they can view all submissions within the portfolio as a “Contributor”.
  • Update language for Server Error
  • Handling of Fiscal Years and Monthly vs Yearly planning in Bottleneck Analysis
  • Decision Lens Accelerate logo added to homepage
  • Add Compare to Baseline CTA for Bottleneck Recos

Vulnerabilities Fixed

  • DLC: Client-side HTTP Parameter Pollution (2019 PenTest, Low) FedRAMP: 2/9/20
  • DLX: Clickjacking: CSP frame-ancestors missing (Acuentix, Low) FedRAMP: 2/9/20
  • Application Error Message (Acunetix, Moderate, Due 2/28/20)
  • Host header attack (Acunetix, Medium, Due 2/28/20)