1.22 Release (February 28, 2020)

Decision Lens Accelerate

Bugs Fixed

  • DLX Unable to rollup portfolio with same Field Name but mismatching Field Type.
  • Recommendations header is too tall.
  • Field values not updating in Alt. Details View if never populated before.
  • Debottlenecker should not be called if there are no Scheduled projects in time horizon.
  • DLC > DLX export broken (Unrecognized field "userRegistrationToken").
  • DLX timeout error in large portfolio.
  • Cannot import data into portfolio that removed field w/ data but data still existed in the database.
  • Cost value not updated correctly in fiscal years.
  • Red showing in "After" for Bottleneck Analysis.
  • Half completed Idea Engine should not show in Production.
  • DLI: After upgrading DLI, the login page is still loaded from browser cache and looks incorrect.

Performance Improvements

  • DLI: Update Spring Framework to Spring boot in DLI.

Features Added

  • Generate intake form link.
  • Contributor sign-up/sign-in page.
  • Base commenting.
  • E-mail notifications for Comments.
  • E-mail notification settings.
  • Project based Activity Logs.
  • @ mentioning in comments.
  • Dirty state protection in commenting.
  • DL demo booth guided "test drive".
  • Updated language for WIWO Recommendation Engine > Strategy Navigator.
  • Prevent exceeding our e-mail send quota (2000 per 24hr window).

Vulnerabilities Fixed

  • DLC/DLX content type incorrectly stated (2019 PenTest, Low).