1.21 SR6 Release (January 28, 2020)


Decision Lens Accelerate

Features Added

  • Data from the Compare view can now be exported to an Excel file for further analysis.
  • The bottleneck analysis heatmap has been added to the Cost graph on the Summary view to indicate overruns within the timeframe.
  • New fields can be approved within the VCRB Framework after an import has been done to ensure proper analysis within recommendation algorithms. The VCRB Framework can be accessed at anytime from the Projects or Schedule page to better understand the data within the portfolio.
  • Tags have been added to help track feature usage within Pendo.
  • A refresh button will appear if recommendations are out of date within the bottleneck analysis view or recommendation engine panels to prompt plan users to update their recommendation list for plan improvements
  • Kloudless toggle has been added to turn feature on or off
  • Data from the Projects view from a Combined Portfolio can now be exported to an Excel file for further analysis.

Bugs Fixed

  • DLX: Improve scheduler V2 performance
  • Select all checkbox remains active after recommendations are applied
  • Combined Portfolio: Applying time range with no change causes never-ending loading state
  • DLX: Spreadsheet import fails with mysql error exceeded "max_allowed_packet" size
  • Import does not recognize Non-breaking white space
  • DLX: Debottleneck > Rec. Engine does not reflect accurate projected Grades
  • TimeIndexBuilder does not compute periods correctly
  • Budget in past causes applying Recommendations to double-allocate Scheduled projects
  • DLC->DLX integration is not working

Vulnerabilities Fixed

  • DLX: Slow HTTP DoS Attack

Decision Lens Classic

Bugs Fixed

  • ArcGIS import: feature services display broken
  • ArcGIS Export: UI message needed for new feature service field