1.21 SR5 Release (December 23, 2019)

Decision Lens Accelerate

Features Added

  • Bottleneck Analysis: Ability to see bottlenecks within plans as well as overconstraints.  Heatmap to view and drill into to isolate Costs.  Bottleneck Analysis recommendations to algorithmically debottleneck plans.  Customizable Tolerance setting to allow for budget overruns
  • Import: Ability to import Project and Cost data for either initial data or updates.  Includes updates to existing data as well as importing to create new fields. 
  • Export: Ability to export Project and Schedule Data to excel for external analysis or reporting

Bugs Fixed

  • DLX: Cost import fails to parse cost field name 21L.
  • Value Image does not display when there is way too much budget
  • Bottleneck Recommendations suggest Start Date after end Dates Resulting in server error when trying to apply
  • Fix Text in Debottleneck Panel
  • Activity logs show 'epoch' time stamp instead of actual dates
  • Go to schedule from import costs fails to load
  • Periodic 500 error on login attempt
  • Colors for Whats-in Deltas are reversed
  • Status change for spreadsheet imported projects causes confusing extra activity log entries
  • Links in reset password flow that are supposed to go to the login page get 401 response
  • Editor can attempt to edit Lock status on Schedule view (backend doesn't save it, though)
  • What-if Filtering Issues
  • Non Owners able to edit Plan Descriptions
  • Search toggle should wrap back to the beginning when getting to the end
  • Activity log panel empty on branch changes