1.17 SR2 Patch Release (March 23, 2018)

Bugs Fixed:

  • ​Cannot Create Portfolio from Blueprint
  • Dependency modal not working on Edge browser
  • Cannot Import Long Text Field
  • Flex is throwing errors when navigating from a HTML view
  • Metrics unable to "Remove from Dashboard"
  • Dependencies modal stuck in loading state on IE11
  • IE11 requires refresh to add certain entities


Features Added:

  • ​Remove Reload Popup: The message that displays when connection difficulties are incurred has been removed. 
  • Highlight Instance Selection Dropdown: For users in multiple instances, a callout next to the instance dropdown menu will display to inform them how they can change their workspace. 
  • Login from Corp Site​: Once the new decisionlens.com is launched, users will be able to login directly from its homepage. External SSO clients will not be able to login from the corporate site and will still need to go through their companies personal instance to be redirected to Decision Lens.