1.16.0 Release (December 14, 2017)


The latest Decision Lens release replaces the WIWO view with the Scenario Overview and displays the Inconsistency Score for each priority graph within the Priorities section.

Note: To ensure you see the latest releases features, it is best practice to clear your browsers cache to load all new images.


Decision Lens Scenario Overview

The new Scenario Overview replaces what was previously known as the WIWO (What’s In/What’s Out) page in Decision Lens. The updates to this section of the application provide users with more powerful reporting and analytics capabilities. In addition to the previous capabilities to show Alternatives that are funded and not funded, the new experience provides a deeper level of insight into the scheduling of portfolio expenditures. The changes allow for users to easily focus on specific upcoming time periods to understand what will be delivered or started and also compare across scenarios to understand the specific implications of funding decisions.

The Scenario Overview page displays the funding status for specific alternatives for a specific allocation scenario.  There are now two different views for this page: Table View and Gantt View.

Key Benefits to Your Organization

  • Group projects by Alternative Category, Start Date or End Date
  • Add Metric or Alternative Category data within Table View to customize the data being analyzed
  • Use Gantt View to see a graphical depiction of the planned scenario shown in a Gantt chart format
  • Compare a scenario against another scenario to identify key differences in funding strategies as it applies to the funding status and timing of Alternatives
  • Use the change column when comparing two scenarios in Table View to understand the differences in start and end dates for projects and when projects are new or out within a scenario
  • Spreadsheet data and Gantt views can be exported for additional analysis or reporting


Inconsistency Score Overview

Inconsistency Analysis determines where among a set of comparisons participants have defined magnitude and dominance of criteria in an inconsistent manner. Use the inconsistency score to help identify when participants may need to have follow up discussions to understand the criteria, definitions and pairwise process.


Bugs Fixed

  • Short Text Field Inserts Unwanted Commas Into Numeric Inputs With More Than Three Digits
  • Priorities export has rounded results
  • Undefined Cost Profiles can cause UI issues

Vulnerabilities Fixed

  • Improper Neutralization of CRLF Sequences in HTTP Headers ('HTTP Response Splitting') (CWE ID 113)
  • Improper Output Neutralization for Logs (CWE ID 117)
  • Improper Restriction of XML External Entity Reference ('XXE') (CWE ID 611)