1.15.3 - Patch Release (September 6, 2017)

Bugs Fixed

  • Sporadic Issue: When Decision Lens Employee Adds Another Decision Lens Employee to New Instance DLI Entitlements Do Not Get Created
  • VROI - alternative name is not trimmed properly when the control panel is expanded
  • VROI Rendering Issue - Alternative Names Flow Off Left Side of Image In JPEG/PNG, Distorted In PDF
  • UI performance issues when updating alternatives with many categories via import tool
  • Import Wizard Requires User to Deselect And/Or Map Empty Columns From Import File
  • Admin Dashboard: User Export Showing Different Data When Downloaded By Different Users
  • DLU Feed is not loading on the homepage
  • VROI - exported png and jpeg cannot be opened when there is a big number of alternatives to be rendered
  • Regression of DL-3024: Cost Import Results In Duplicate / Unwanted Cost Profiles After Allocation