1.14 - Release (April 26, 2017)

Decision Lens Activity Log

Always Stay Up-to-date with Your Portfolio Changes

The Activity Log helps Portfolio Owners and Reviewers know exactly when and where changes have been made to your portfolios. Adjustments including the addition, removal, or alteration of items such as Criteria, Alternatives, and Ratings are all categorized by time. You’ll be able to see the changes made, who made it, and the time and date it took place. You can even search by user name, activity, or both. The Portfolio Overview page has also been revamped with a highly informative new layout and workflow for a better user experience.

Key Benefits for Your Organization

  • Know exactly when and where changes have been made to the portfolio
  • Understand high-level portfolio statistics with the new Portfolio Overview layout
  • Search on key activity changes or specific individuals
  • New Getting Started section helps move you through your portfolio prioritization

New Features

  • Change the character set of databases to UTF-8
  • Portfolio Overview - Base
  • Portfolio Overview - Summary Tiles
  • Portfolio Overview - Getting Started section
  • Portfolio Overview - Activity Stream
  • Portfolio Activity Stream - Timeframe filter
  • Portfolio Activity Stream - Search
  • Portfolio Activity Stream - CRUDs & Refresh Toast
  • Extra Logs - Add Criterion
  • DL3 Tools - Create module to recreate ElasticSearch index
  • Portfolio Activity Stream - Infinite scroll
  • Portfolio Activity Stream - Log Deeplinks
  • Extra Logs - Update Alternative
  • Extra Logs - Remove Alternative
  • Extra Logs - Remove Criterion
  • Extra Logs - Update Criterion
  • Extra Logs - Update Scenario
  • Extra Logs - Start/Stop Collections
  • Extra Logs - Place Judgement
  • Extra Logs - Place Rating
  • Extra Logs - Create/Update Portfolio
  • Audit Log - Config Switch
  • Activity Stream - CSV Export
  • Extra Logs - Add/Remove Scenario
  • Extra Logs - Remove Rating
  • Extra Logs - Remove Judgement
  • Portfolio Overview - Enhancements
  • Portfolio Home & Settings Relocation
  • Getting Started - Section Enhancements
  • Audit Log - Add Elasticsearch mappings for model log documents*
  • Activity Stream - Log Enhancements
  • Audit Log Splash Page

Bugs Fixed

  • Top of the add new custom field form is not displayed when clicking on "+" on the first row
  • Create new field in import wizard - after cancelling, the custom field type selection form is not anymore in view
  • Portfolio Overview - Hide portfolio setting icon for Reviewers
  • Import data wizard - Select Alternatives column does not get selected when selecting a column
  • Removing parent criterion does not log the children criterion removal
  • Audit Log Timeframe Filter - Prevent future dates
  • Current date is wrapped in Time Frame picker
  • Rating metric criteria should trigger Alt update log
  • Portfolio name is not a search term for a Description update entry
  • VROI: Long Alternative Names Prevent VROI With Vertical Bars From Rendering Correctly
  • Clicking on "Add a description" does not open the edit portfolio dialog
  • "Edit Portfolio Info" not accesible for Owners that have Participant system role
  • Portfolio Name update log does not bold current and previous values
  • Portfolio Overview "Add a Description" link broken
  • GA tag not added when clicking on Rating deeplink from Portfolio Overview
  • Some characters brake the audit log search
  • Extra entries added in audil Log when updating an alternative
  • Participant Reviewer has the settings gear icon but with empy dropdown,
  • [Portfolio Creator] Voting Reviewer can see "Add description" link for portfolio
  • Owner with [Participant] system role can't edit portfolio info he owns
  • Console error in Portfolio Ratings view, when other user is voting
  • Bad display of Search Activity text field on Safari
  • Time frame picker issues
  • Clearing search results when timeframe filter returns no entries results in misleading message