1.13.6 - Patch Release (March 29, 2017)

Bugs Fixed

  • User menu on DL Hat is not accessible
  • Resend Registration Email Action on Participants Screen Not Sending New Registration Email
  • Dashboards: Entering Values Between 0 And 1 In Edit Ranges Input Boxes Results In Incorrect Value Being Recorded
  • Trade Off Analysis: Long Alternative Names Push Graph Out Of Viewable Area
  • Priorities Results Detailed View: Graph Labels "Bleed" Into Graph's Bars When Criterion Names Are 45 Characters Or Longer
  • Instance-Specific Issue: Profile Drop-down Menu Is Empty for Users in Specific Instance
  • Ratings Results: Checking Participant Group Filter Sometimes Results In Multiple Participant Groups Being Selected
  • Long Criteria Names Break Ratings Results Graph
  • TOA not loading in specific instance