1.13.4 - Patch Release (March 2, 2017)

New Features

  • In Mobile Ratings, the ability to change the Alternative or Criterion that you are rating has beed added to the information modal for each Alternative or Criterion.
  • Once all ratings are completed on Mobile, the Rating Overview will display a link to "View Ratings" ​
  • The comment experience for Mobile Priorities and Mobile Ratings has been updated to make it more clear to users for how to add a comment to a rating or comparison. Improvements include updating the design and location of the "Add Comment" button and updating the flow for when a comment is added for the first time.


  • Ratings Summary Export - Alternative Name Truncation
  • Exporting portfolio as xml again
  • Regression of DL-15620: DL Logo Becomes Distorted When Navigating From Home Screen to Other Pages
  • Bad display of Metric periods in submission requests (Firefox on Mac)​
  • Safari: Dismiss Button on Dashboard Instructions Does Not Dismiss Instructions​