1.13.1 - Patch Release (January 23, 2017)

New Features

  • Dashboard - Remove Simple Metric
  • Dashboard Generation - Failed State
  • Transition from Highstock 5 to Highcharts 5
  • Add animation in Dashboard generation screen
  • Remove $ sign from Impact Dashboard


  • When replying to comment, portfolio id is missing from hyperlink
  • VROI chart and portfolio value does not always update when user cancels out a custom priority set
  • Custom Priority Set Appearing on VROI Screen For Scenarios Where All Participant Weights Is Actually Selected
  • Alternative Order and Value Scores Change When User Clicks on Score for Alternative/Criterion Combination, Then Clicks Back Button
  • Overlapping Values on Axis' in Detailed View of Dashboard
  • Long alternatives names don't fit in Dashboards Preview scenarios WIWO
  • Lock cursor should not change into hand "on hover"
  • Ratings Instructions text display issue
  • info bubble for metric slider is not translated
  • Sporadic console error when in Dashboards - detailed mode
  • Weird display of Pareto and metric tiles for certain dashboard configuration
  • Impact Dashboard - Detailed view "No data available" label + disappearing pareto points
  • Switching scenarios and CPS in WIWO&VROI not reflected without RCR
  • Allocate not working properly when alternative cost is 0
  • While a dashboard is in creation state /setup page for it can be accessed.
  • Dashboard pageviews include the Dashboard id
  • Custom Descriptions Do Not Appear on Submission Form for Alternative Name or Alternative Description Fields
  • Filter expand/collapse icon is misaligned
  • Dashboard Generation Animation not present
  • Flex screens do not load on dev and prod