1.13 - Winter Release (December 20, 2016​)


The Winter Release introduces the impact dashboard, which enables Portfolio Owners and Reviewers to optimize budgets across portfolios and see how performance metrics are impacted by adjusting resources.

Summary of Features

  • Budget information across portfolios shows combined overall budget, amount allocated across all portfolios and the amount over or under budget
  • Apply a constrained or flexible budget to work within
  • Define custom metric red, yellow, and green thresholds to represent performance range outcomes
  • Identify target budget and metric ranges
  • Edit metric values and see how the portfolios budget is impacted
  • Edit a portfolios budget and see how the associated metrics are impacted
  • Scenario Preview displays final budget, metric values and list of funded and unfunded projects for each portfolio once adjustments are made within the Dashboard
  • Export the adjusted scenarios as a new scenario within each portfolio
  • Executive ready exports for Dashboard and Scenario Preview

Internet Explorer 10 Announcment

As of this release, Internet Explorer 10 is no longer a supported browser.