1.12.5 - Patch Release (November 29, 2016​)

New Feature

  • Change VROI Default View​. Previously, the VROI chart defaulted to display the Alternative names along the Y Axis. Alternative names will now display below the X Axis of the chart.

Bugs Planned to be Fixed

  • Deleting A Portfolio From View All Portfolios Screen Directs User Back To Home Screen
  • Creating New Models Is Slow When User Has At Least 50 Models In Instance
  • Deleted User Doesn't Disappear from List of Users Until Hard Refresh Is Performed
  • Decision Lens Logo Does Not Render Correctly in Chrome on OSX
  • Unable to Make Changes to User on Admin Dashboard
  • Values on Allocate Screen Colored Incorrectly When Using Negative Costs
  • Pareto Chart Shows Empty Cells After Running
  • Adjust Optimization When Scenario Conatins Negative Budgets​