1.12.1 - Patch Release (September 13, 2016)

New Features

  • Support Generate Password Reset Link
  • Update Search Users for External SSO/Self Hosted
  • Support Access to all Instances

Bugs Fixed

  • (IE11) Manage Users > Add Users: Erratic text while typing
  • Server side exception when /touchModel API is called
  • Timestamp set incorrect in email notification when a reply was added
  • VROI Image export trimming long alt name/cost values
  • Allocate > Pools with no money are annotated as bottlenecks
  • For users with multiple DL3 entitlements, the hat doesn't always 'know' the right domain it is on
  • "Personal Message" Emails Formatting Incorrect in Outlook, Messages Cut Off After 500 Characters
  • Ratings : Error when user attempts to deep link to comment reply from email
  • Expected updated text on Mobile Priority Overview has vanished
  • WIWO Ressurection
  • VROI Sliders - leaving dirty state confirmation on Refresh (toast)
  • Design Improvement: Remaining Character Count
  • Sometimes editing VROI sliders does not update the chart
  • Admin Dashboard link does not change for multiple instances
  • Link to unlock not removed once user is unlocked
  • User Management: 2FA reset link in the user sidecar has incorrect show/hide following an unlock
  • VROI chart loading forever if 2 cost profiles present
  • Calculation Error in VROI - Funded Percentage Incorrect
  • Regression of DL-11971: col_wizard_instructions_default Tag Appears Instead Of Default Instructions
  • Ratings Scoresheet and Ratings Alignment Rendering Issues in IE 10 and 11
  • Admin Dashboard: "Reset Pending/Locked" User Status Link Returning No Results
  • Geomap tile should not display on Portfolio Overview