1.11.4 - Patch Release (August 2, 2016)

Bugs Fixed

  • Call to getUser.json throwing Access Denied Exception
  • TOA legend overlaps html elements
  • Priorities tool tip overlap
  • DLI change password password validation tooltips say just "true"
  • Default Criteria Weights Inputs Incorrect on What's In/What's Out Screen
  • Scenario Updates are not consistently handled in HTML CP
  • (P) icon is present for TOA CP although there's no scenario selection
  • WiWo, group by, total numbers get shoved off the screen
  • Sensitivity Analysis Chart Does Not Update When Changing Between Users With Same Display Name
  • Individual Ratings Export Has Only One Tab For Common Display Name if Multiple Users Have Same Display Name
  • Attachment Created Date/Time Incorrect in Sidecar
  • AYC Priorities Rating: After opening sidecar, dlSlider tooltip no longer works
  • Line feeds replaced with <p>


  • Add DLU training video links to Task Emails
  • Support Community Link in Hat
  • Mobile - Support Community Link