1.11.3 - Patch Release (July 20, 2016)

Bugs Fixed

  • Edits to "Add Comment" dialog in Submission workflow
  • Page info popup header styling
  • Long instructions should be scrolled to top
  • Logout tells user they don't have permission to view the logout page
  • Unmask 2FA password
  • Small Modal text is not marked up properly
  • Error shown in console when opening an Establish Priorities task for a portfolio having no comments on Priorities
  • overviewCtrl.pairwiseInstructions displayed in Instructions when hovering the text or the attachment
  • Export alternative with metrics without value -> "NaN" in PDF
  • Unnecessary calls to getModels
  • Command / Control + Click from Lobby Shows Portfolio Title on Wrong Tab
  • Agreement Highlight Message Shows Incorrect Percentage
  • no hover text for truncated long criteria names in Priorities Detailed Graph view
  • 2FA Generate Secret Key Reset Link incorrectly reads Instance 2FA setting
  • Alignment and Agreement Highlights dont show when less than 3 voters
  • Geomapping does not display maps anymore
  • Newly created or imported portfolio does not always appear on the top of the list
  • AYC Priorities doesn't show decision goal and criteria descriptions
  • Copying portfolio fails

New Features

  • DLI: Start Collecting Date invited
  • Start Collecting new Admin data - Daily User Data
  • Start Collecting new Admin data - Portfolio Inviter
  • SAML/Self Hosted: Start Collecting Date invited
  • Hide GeoMap & Show Location Data