1.11.2 - Patch Release (July 6, 2016)

Bugs Fixed

  • Mobile Priorities UI labels "EQUAL" and "EXTREME" aren't internationalized
  • Small Modal text is not marked up properly
  • '#NUM!' in model participants XLS
  • Desktop Priorities still calls Model_PairwiseCriteriaAHP swf
  • Mobile Priorities OV is calling getPairwiseComparisons.json twice
  • Refresh Required to Expose Priorities Collection User Interface After Setting Up Priorities
  • cmd + button (control) does not always display selected view
  • Homepage Pageviews not honoring Analytics supression
  • After creating submission, must refresh in order to see it
  • Custom Priority Set name not showing up on edit
  • Priorities Task Instructions
  • User with No Assigned Portfolios Sees Spinning Icons Next to "Portfolios" Header Upon Login
  • Line Breaks Not Appearing in Emails Sent From Participants Screen
  • Refresh Toast shows on Priority comparison screen
  • Hide participants pop up blocks link in IE
  • Empty Submissions
  • Small Modal Text should be in a paragraph tag
  • Filters in control Panel not applied in html