1.11 - Summer 2016 Release (June 2, 2016)

Develop a More Strategically-Aligned Portfolio!

The Summer 2016 Release is made for speed. You will really appreciate the simplified priorities process. We removed the hurdles in communication and productivity with Decision Lens Mobile.

Features & Enhancements in Decision Lens Summer 2016 Release

Maximize stakeholder productivity with Decision Lens Mobile

  • Collect data faster for more strategically-aligned portfolio outcomes
  • Seamlessly transition from smartphone to computer and back
  • Personalized experience with user-defined settings and ratings methods

Learn How to Engage More Stakeholders

Focus on prioritization, not the mechanics, with streamlined priorities

  • Improve user understanding with intuitive verbal and quantitative scales
  • Find and complete the exact ratings you need with enhanced search and navigation
  • Have a better understanding of criteria during with easy access to definitions
  • Create an open dialogue and greater transparency with enhanced commenting

Make the Most of Your Detailed Data

Uncover compelling data insights with Highlights

  • Agreement: Is the group generally in agreement about which criteria is more important? Where? Why?
  • Alignment: Are the group’s judgments showing a low degree of variation? If so, where? In which areas?
  • Outlier: Is there an individual or two who are significant outliers from the group’s thinking?
  • Cluster: Are there voting blocs?

Quickly Understand Your Team’s Preferences

Get moving quickly with the Priorities Setup Wizard

  • Reveal organizational priorities more quickly
  • Enhance your experience with a custom data collection process
  • Accelerate the process with precise instructions and data

Simplify the Priorities Set-up Process

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