1.10.2 - Patch Release (April 26, 2016)

Bugs Fixed

  • UI Bug: Alternatives Screen Missing Data After Delete of Submission Request Until Hard Refresh Is Performed
  • Mobile Comments: Refresh toast covers the close button
  • Toggling Auto-Complete, pushes modal partially off-screen (Safari 8)
  • Copying and Pasting List of Users on Add User To Portfolio Modal Window Doesn't Cause Add a Message for New Registrants Checkbox to Appear
  • No Messaging when Hide Completed is inactive
  • (getRatingVotes) Altering parameters in Request body exposes restricted information
  • Users taken to last voting context upon logging back in
  • Comments spinner after save part 2
  • Portfolio Ratings Alignment table displays '-' for instead of '.00' when votes are placed but not aligned
  • Mobile ratings comments is broken on Safari 8
  • setRatingVote API inserting incorrect vote
  • Priorities Judgments "Roll Over" Upon Clicking Next in Owner's View
  • On "dev" branch test servers, When Creating New User, DL3 is Not Aware of New User
  • Auto Advance and Hide Completed GA tags are in reverse order when enabling/disabling in Mobile Ratings

New Features

  • Export model properties to CMF