1.10.1 - Patch Release (April 13, 2016)

Bugs Fixed

  • user can never login if ACCOUNT_INACTIVITY_LOCKING_ENABLED is tripped
  • Comment Count in Tab not showing on non comment tabs when comment added in app
  • Alternative sidecar - text automatically cleared in sidecar when some other user adds an alternative
  • Alignment table cell incorrect value and color displayed when no votes are placed
  • No ok button on "Do not show agin" in "Edit ratings Collection"
  • There are some controls that are hard to click on mobile
  • Mobile Rating Auto Advance Toggle UX
  • null requester on a portfolio
  • Character Rendering Issues in Emails Sent from Decision Lens
  • HideCompleted/AutoAdvance status missing in GA's cd11
  • Import Bug
  • Error in stomp error reporting
  • Priorities weight changes are not considered until new judgement is placed.
  • Forever loading state mobile and desktop after login
  • All reports not working


  • Highlight Edited Comments/Replies