Decision Lens Accelerate - Project Details View

In addition to the table view, a Project Details view is available to be able to access a form-based view of the Project data.  To access the Project Details, click the more menu next to the Project name or right click on a Project row to bring up the Projects menu.  Select View Project Details from the menu options.

Clicking View Project details will display a form view of the project sized to fit the browser window.

This form has all of the field data contained in the Projects Table in addition to detailed cost information across time periods and Cost Types.  Additional information regarding Project Costs can be seen in the Project Cost section.  

Text input areas that require additional space can be resized by clicking and dragging the resize icon in the bottom right of the text area ()

Navigation through Project Details

When viewing a project’s details modal, move to the next or previous project with the arrows in the top right corner.

Moving through projects factors in filters and sort order applied in the Projects Table so that you will only move through the projects visible on the projects table.

Getting to the end of the list will circle back to the beginning when toggling.

Hovering over the toggles will display a preview of the names of the next and previous projects.

Some additional UI updates were included to make the Project Details and Idea forms more consistent and optimize space for icons.