Decision Lens Accelerate - Mapping & Value Cost Risk Balance (VCRB) Overview


The Value Cost Risk Balance (VCRB) framework allows us to easily categorize and understand project level measurements and how this contribute to plan level understanding.  Any measurement you have for projects falls into one of these buckets:

  • Value: These are things you want to do better on. Examples include Revenue, Mission Readiness, Net Present Value, Miles of roadway in good repair, et cetera.
  • Cost: These are things that you are constrained on. You have a limited amount of resources, and each project uses those up, so you cannot possibly do everything. Examples are Pools of Money, HR.
  • Risk (aka Certainty): How certain are you that the project will do what it claims. Typically thinking in terms of the certainty of staying within budget and deadlines while bringing about the value it claimed it would.
  • Balance: When you break down by category (e.g. Region) is your plan breaking down in the way you want?

All other fields can be categorized as Other Information to be included in the portfolio but not used to help assess performance or composition of a Plan. 

Decision Lens will take a stab at auto-mapping the columns of data in your excel spreadsheet to the project dimensions of Value, Cost, Risk, or Balance. If you wish to move or remove a mapped dimension you can do so on this page.

Now click “Next” and you will be brought to your Baseline Plan and view your information in the Projects page.