Decision Lens Accelerate - Editing Project Data

Project Data can be edited directly in the table cells.  There is no need to save as the application will autosave with each change.  Depending on the Field Type (Value, Cost, Risk, Balance, or Other) there will be unique requirements.   The Field Type can be identified either via

  • For Value, Cost, and Risk Field Types, the data must be numeric, so any non-numeric inputs will not be allowed to be saved
  • For Balance Field Types, there will be a dropdown that displays any existing entries to be able to pick from a list. To add a new option to the dropdown list simply type a new entry.  Once all
  • For all “Other” Field Types, there are no restrictions on the format of the data


Projects also have an edit menu that can be accessed either via the more menu next to the project name or via a right click on a project row.  The Edit menu provides a number of options for a given project. Clicking View Project Details brings up a form view of the project.  Clicking Delete Project will prompt to be able to completely remove a Project from the Portfolio.  It is advised that the Archived Status is used rather than Deletion as a deletion will remove all project data including any past history and Allocations.  Changing to Archived instead of deleting will retain all data while still removing the Project from potential planning. 

Please see related video