Decision Lens Accelerate - Editing Portfolio Fields

To edit an existing Portfolio Field, click the filter arrow to the right of a Field name in the top of the column to bring up the filter menu and select Edit Field at the bottom of the list. 

Clicking Edit Field will bring up a dialog that displays the current settings of the Field.

Included in the dialog to be able to be edited are the name of the field and the Field Type.   If changing a field from Balance or Other Information to either Value, Cost, or Risk Type, any non-numeric data will be lost.  Changes will not be saved until Update Field is clicked.

The Edit Field dialog also provides the capability to permanently delete a Field.  To delete a Field click the Delete Field button in the bottom left of the dialog.  Deleting a field will permanently delete the field and all associated project data.  This cannot be undone and thus should be used with caution.