Decision Lens Accelerate - Attachments Overview

  • The ability to add attachments to Projects is a critical need to be able to supplement DLX data
  • Files can now be added to individual Projects as well as via the Idea Engine

Adding Attachments

To add an attachment to a Project, users must navigate to the Project Details view

  • At the bottom of the form, there will be an area to be able to choose files to attach
  • Users can either drag and drop files or click the area to bring up a file explorer
  • File size of each attachment must be less than 50MB
  • There is no cap on the total number of attachments
  • To protect against potentially malicious files, only certain file types are allowed (please ask the support team for the list of accepted attachment types
  • Unsupported file types will not be selected in the file explorer
  • Attachments are listed by upload date, with the oldest upload first
  • Metadata about file will display
    • Total number of attachments
    • File Name
    • File Size
    • User who added
    • Date/Time Added
    • Icon denotes image vs other documents
  • Attachments can be removed from a Project by clicking the x